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Singing dune

Singing dune

The singing dune is a unique and rare natural phenomenon. The sand dune in dry weather makes a sound similar to the melody of an organ. The sounds are made only by the dry sand mass, when the sand pours down, and a peculiar vibration occurs between the grains of sand. For a long time, this natural phenomenon remained unsolved by scientists. And in the Middle Ages, people who heard the singing of a dune believed that it was a desert demon.

Good to Know

Kazakhstan, Altyn Emel National Park
Length up to 3 km. Height - 150 m.
The dune is located between the ridges of the Dzungarian Alatau - the Greater and Lesser Kalkans in the territory of the Altyn-Emel National Park in the Almaty Region of Kazakhstan, 183 km northeast of Almaty.
Best Season:
Spring, Summer, Autumn

The unique Singing Dune is located in the Altyn-Emel National Reserve, which lies in the valley of the Ili River. The park was founded to preserve a unique natural complex, archaeological and historical-cultural monuments, rare and endangered species of plants and animals. On the territory of the park with a total area of 520 thousand hectares, one can find various landscapes: mountainous, sandy, desert, gravelly, desert.

The sand created by the Singing Dune arises from the sandbanks of the Ili River. The barkhan has the shape of a crescent, when peculiar tails stretch to the river on both sides of the dune, which makes its beauty even more unique. And from the top the dune offers a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside: the Ili River and the mountains, as well as the Altyn-Emel Nature Reserve.