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The most mountainous and smallest, nevertheless one of the dizzyingly interesting countries in Central Asia. The Pamir Mountains (Roof of the World) and the Tien Shan (Heavenly Mountains) attract travelers to this country for unforgettable impressions of the marvelous beauty of the nature of this region. The landscape is diverse: there are the highest peaks of more than 7000 meters, and rocky ridges, alpine meadows on the highlands, and canyons. Among the mountain peaks are picturesque lakes, and Tajikistan's glaciers comprise about half of all the glaciers of Central Asia. Due to the complex mountain landscape, the vast territory has stayed untouched and retained its original appearance.

The history of the Tajik people is closely connected with the history of other nations of Central Asia: Uzbeks, Kyrgyz, and Turkmens. The most ancient states here were Bactria and Sogdiana, which were part of the empire created by the Persians. The Bactrians and Sogdians were sedentary farmers, they were also engaged in craft and trade. Despite heroic resistance, these powers were conquered by the army of Alexander the Great. And it was here that the city of Khujand – The Utmost Alexandria was preserved, the last city named after the Great Commander.

In a word, Tajikistan is a unique and amazing country. The civilization has not yet completely entangled it with its web. There are no noisy megacities, freeways, perpetual neon signs. Nature reigns here. And if you want to be alone with her – welcome to Tajikistan!

Interesting Facts:

~ In Tajikistan, it is permissible to woo newborn children – in this case, their mothers pray, break the bread in half and connect the kids with a special tape.

~ And also Tajikistan is not just a country, but also one of the minor planets of the solar system. The celestial body, rotating 250 million kilometers from Earth, got its name for the contribution of Tajik scientists to the development of astrophysics.

What’s in your bucket list for Tajikistan?

Take a walk along the Utmost Alexandria - ancient city of Khujand
Take a walk along the banks of the Syr Darya River
Visit the museum dedicated to the life of Alexander the Great
Drive along the Pamir tract
Fall in love with the local atmosphere and traditional clothes
Try Tajik kebabs, fruits and vegetables
Take a stroll through the Eastern Bazaar
Feel the spirit of antiquity and ancient history
Spend the night in a guesthouse with Tajik family