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Issyk-Kul Lake

Issyk-Kul Lake

The beautiful and largest lake in Central Asia is Issyk-Kul Lake. Non-freezing mountainous and saline lake is called the ``Pearl of Kyrgyzstan``. The amazing beauty of Issyk-Kul is crowned by the majestic snow peaks of the Tien Shan range and is on the third place in the world by depth, in its incredible transparency it is second only to Lake Baikal.

Good to Know

Lake of tectonic origin. Length - 182 km, width - - 58 km. The greatest depth is 702 m. The average depth is 278 m
1608 meters above sea level
Best season:
All year round (in summer - beach vacations, in winter - ski resorts)

The coast of the lake is famous for its unique nature and crystal clear fresh air. Geographical location and environmental conditions have created a special marine climate. There is no sweltering heat, there are no big frosts, the air is cool and clean, there is a lot of sunshine.

The area around the lake is a resort area where you immerse into relaxation and improve your health in hot springs, and it offers great opportunities for sightseeing and adventure tourism. One of the most picturesque natural landscapes of Issyk-Kul are dozens of gorges and canyons of the unprecedented beauty, wrapped by high mountains and the green coniferous forests.

Issyk-Kul as “a piece of blue sky on the palms of the mountains.” This unique mountain lake will leave no one indifferent.